Style swaps to refresh your wardrobe

Lift your summer outfits with these mid-season upscales.   UPGRADE YOUR WARDROBE WITH JUST A FEW SWAPS Words: C. Saramowicz   We all have those items in our wardrobe that we love. You know, the ones that go with everything, that you can always rely on to see you through most casual situations. Sometimes though, […]

How to dress like an Italian

Make like an Italian and stay cool when the weather heats up.   HERE’S HOW TO GET THE ITALIAN LOOK Words: T. MacInnis   Home to countless designers, models and unmatched craftspeople, Italy is undoubtedly one of the most stylish countries in the world. From having good taste to understanding fit and tailoring and dressing for […]

Trending: copper tones

Applied to suits, sets and accessories for a richer update on summer’s usual neutrals.   A WARM TONED ALTERNATIVE TO SUMMER NEUTRALS Words: C. Saramowicz   You’ve probably seen copper tones around this summer, weaving their way into suiting, shoes and casual daily wear. Though this terracotta colour is often associated with autumn, in the […]

How to wear a blue suit to a wedding

Blue suits are your go-to for an outfit that will cement you as one of the best dressed guests around.   MAKE YOUR BLUE SUIT GO FURTHER THIS WEDDING SEASON Words: L. Thorpe Blue suits – a must-have in every man’s wardrobe, they’re smart, versatile and a great alternative to grey or black. And with […]

Summer fundamentals: Five key pieces for your warm weather wardrobe

The styles you’ll be glad to have to hand when the heat hits.   THE STYLES YOU’LL BE GLAD TO HAVE TO HAND WHEN THE HEAT HITS Words: C. Saramowicz   With hotter weather comes an opportunity to experiment with outfitting – warmer colours, lighter fabrics and different cuts that reflect the ease of summer. […]

What to wear to Henley Festival

Get it right for the UK’s only black-tie festival.   HERE’S WHAT TO WEAR TO THE UK’S ONLY BLACK TIE FESTIVAL Words: C. Saramowicz   Every year, hundreds of people come together for the UK’s only black tie festival, Henley Festival. Taking place over five days in July, the festival is a celebration of the […]

Lightweight picks to pack in your carry on

Featherweight styles that’ll more than pull their weight in your carry-on.   LIGHT STYLES THAT’LL PULL THEIR WEIGHT IN YOUR CABIN LUGGAGE Words: C. Saramowicz   When travelling light, choosing your luggage wisely is key – you don’t want to be that person in the middle of the airport repacking your bag. Think lightweight fabrics, […]

Fabric focus: seersucker

A closer look at one of summer’s lightest fabrics.   AN INSIGHT INTO ONE OF SUMMER’S FAVOURITE FABRICS Words: C. Saramowicz   It’s been a long time coming, but summer is finally on the horizon. And, though linens are pretty much a given during the warmer months, another fabric that should be on your radar […]

How to wear shorts to work

They’re not just for the working week.   CAN YOU WEAR SHORTS TO WORK? Words: L. Thorpe   Workwear has moved into a more relaxed direction as of late, especially as more people now work from home. But as the sun starts to grace us with its presence and commutes get a bit warmer, you […]

How to wear pleated trousers

They’re not just for the working week.     HOW TO STYLE PLEATED TROUSERS BEYOND THE OFFICE Words: C. Stewart   Pleated trousers are so much more than just officewear, ticking off comfort and style in a few neatly placed tucks. First worn after the first world war, the pleated trouser was most popular in […]