How to wear pleated trousers

They’re not just for the working week.     HOW TO STYLE PLEATED TROUSERS BEYOND THE OFFICE Words: C. Stewart   Pleated trousers are so much more than just officewear, ticking off comfort and style in a few neatly placed tucks. First worn after the first world war, the pleated trouser was most popular in […]

What to wear to Wimbledon

Nabbed tickets? Here’s what to wear.   NETTED WIMBLEDON TICKETS? HERE’S WHAT TO WEAR Words: C. Stewart   Britain’s most prestigious sporting occasion is world-famous for its stylish fans, so what should you wear if you’re lucky enough to have nabbed tickets this year? There’s no strict dress code unless you’re in the Royal Box or […]

What to wear for graduation

Because the photos will last forever. BECAUSE THE PHOTOS WILL LAST FOREVER Words: K. Chubb   Make sure your graduation outfit gets top marks this year with our answers to some frequently asked questions. SHOP MEN’S GRADUATION SUITS Tailored fit olive herringbone suit // Slim fit charcoal stretch suit WHAT DO MEN WEAR TO GRADUATION? […]

What to wear to a beach wedding

Here’s everything you need to know to choose a beach wedding suit. YOUR GUIDE TO BEACH WEDDING OUTFITS Words: L. Thorpe   If you’re lucky enough to have received an invitation to a wedding, then you might be wondering what to wear. Get it wrong, and you might end up with an uncomfortable day. Do […]

Join the fight against prostate cancer

We believe men are worth saving. MOSS + PROSTATE CANCER UK TAKE THE PCUK RISK CHECKER TODAY Words: A. Ward Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. There are over 400,000 living with the disease in the UK – and that statistic is only set to rise. This June, Moss is encouraging everyone […]

Shacket vs overshirt – and how to wear yours

Confused? Don’t be, answers this way. SHACKET VS. OVERSHIRT – WHAT’S THE DEAL? Words: C. Stewart   You’ll have seen the word a lot this season: shacket. But what exactly is it? What makes it different from an overshirt? And how are you supposed to wear it? Answers here. SHOP SHACKETS & OVERSHIRTS   What’s […]

Fabric focus: linen

A lesson in keeping cool.   FABRIC FOCUS: LINEN Words: A. Fozzard   Balmy weather and sunshine are always welcome, but feeling hot and bothered at a summer wedding, race day or important meeting is never ideal. Luckily, there are plenty of linen suits out there so you can keep your cool when the pressure […]

What is a lounge suit, anyway?

Everything you need to know about lounge suits. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LOUNGE SUITS Most of us will receive an invite that gives a ‘lounge suits’ dress code at some point in our adult lives. And most of us will probably do a quick Google to find out what it means. Let us […]

What to buy him for Father’s Day

Great gifts for the father figure in your life.   GREAT GIFTS FOR THE FATHER FIGURE IN YOUR LIFE Father’s day is around the corner, so now’s the time to start thinking about what to gift the father figure in your life. What do they want or need? Are they in dire need of some […]

Summer sets: co-ords for the warm weather

Easy sets to match the energy of laid-back summer living.   EASY SETS TO MATCH THE ENERGY OF LAID-BACK SUMMER LIVING Words: C. Saramowicz   Co-ords have been trending the last few summer seasons, and for good reason – easy to style, cohesive and comfortable to wear, they’re the ideal warm weather get-up for a […]