What to wear: festive edition

From puppytooth to plaid, checked shirts are a must this season.   WHAT TO WEAR THIS FESTIVE SEASON, WHATEVER YOUR PLANS MAY BE Words: C. Saramowicz   However you’re spending Christmas this year, the holiday season is always an exciting time to experiment with outfitting. You don’t have to stray far from your daily get-up, […]

What is an Epsom coat?

Here’s what makes a double-faced Epsom coat special. WHAT MAKES A DOUBLE-FACED EPSOM COAT SPECIAL? Words: T. MacInnis   From puffers to trenches to blazers to parkas, there are many coat options with different features that differentiate them. One that might be particularly elusive is the double-faced Epsom coat. If you’re looking for an overcoat […]

Gift guide: For the quiet luxury guy

Make a good suit a great one.   ITALIAN FABRICS AND PREMIUM KNITS WHEN UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE IS HIS FORTE Words: L. Thorpe   If he cares about luxury and invests in premium fabrics and carefully considered pieces, he values quality above all else. As a discerning and style-focused recipient, this is a Christmas gift that’s […]

Gift guide: For the guy who’s getting out and about in 2024

Make a good suit a great one.   TRANSIT-FRIENDLY GIFTS TO HELP REACH HIS TRAVELLING GOALS Words: L. Thorpe   If he has travelling as one of his new year’s resolutions, it’s only right that you gift accordingly. Get him a Christmas present that will take him places this year, so he can hop on […]

Gift guide: For the guy who doesn’t know what he needs (until he gets it)

Make a good suit a great one.   THOUGHT-THROUGH ESSENTIALS HE’LL WONDER HOW HE SURVIVED WITHOUT Words: L. Thorpe   We all know at least one person who never knows what they want. It sounds easy – technically, you could buy them anything and they’d be happy with it – but having too many choices […]

Gift guide: For the guy who keeps it casual

Make a good suit a great one.   LAIDBACK LOOKS FOR THE SUIT-AND-TIE-SHY Words: L. Thorpe   Buying for someone who keeps it casual can be a rather enjoyable experience. Comfort is their forte, choosing relaxed silhouettes and casual accessories over more formal looks. Think neutral tones, a monochrome palette and oversized fits that are […]

Gift guide: For the statement maker

Make a good suit a great one.   BOLD TONES AND A SUNDRY OF TEXTURES TO GET HIM NOTICED Words: L. Thorpe   If you’re buying gifts for someone who’s a statement maker, there’s a good chance they’ll want something that really makes an impact. And so, getting it right with bold colours, textures and […]

Gift guide: For the cosy ASMR guy

Make a good suit a great one.   SOFT SCARVES, CHUNKY KNITS AND PLENTY OF CASHMERE FOR HUNKERING DOWN IN Words: L. Thorpe   Christmas is the ASMR lover’s favourite time of year; crackling fireplaces, crunchy leaves and cosy jumpers? Their idea of heaven. As such, it’s important to get them a gift that speaks […]

Gift guide: For the guy who’s well and truly back in the office

Make a good suit a great one.   REFINED DAILY WEAR HIS COLLEAGUES WILL COVET Words: L. Thorpe   Flexible working has shifted the world of workwear. Pre-pandemic work styles saw tailored suits, smart shoes and perfectly-pressed shirts reached for the most – and still are in certain work settings – but office style has […]

Spotlight on: the double-breasted suit

The menswear classic is back – here’s how to do it in 2019. SPOTLIGHT ON: THE DOUBLE BREASTED SUIT IT’S BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER Forget the 80s’ boxy shapes or the baggy styles of gangster films, today’s double-breasted suits are carefully constructed with neater cuts, softer shoulders and a lightweight feel for a modern […]